Advanced Photo Editing includes some of the more difficult photoshopping techniques and photo manipulation. These services are offered at $50/hour but we can gladly bill in half hour increments.  We are also happy to give a free initial consultation and estimate before doing any work that would be billable.

  • Photo Restoration – Let our team find the hidden gem in that grimey old image from decades ago. Clean off years of creases, dirt and smudges to restore your keepsakes back to their original glory.
  • Intensive Photo Edits – Sometimes a great photo is ruined by an unsightly object (or person YIKES!).  We can often remove these undesired objects, it just takes a little elbow grease.
  • Color Correcting – Maybe your desired image has some problems with shadows or highlights, maybe everyone is smiling but the colors just don’t seem right.  We can bring out the best in your image and get all the levels right where they should be.
  • Photo Work Only – Occasionally we are asked to do a menial task that is easy but just takes up time. Examples would be cropping a big batch of images or preparing files for a catalog.  We are glad to assist in any photo work you have. 

We have been in the printing and design world for many years and have gained great knowledge about what it takes to communicate your ideas.  Our Photo Services Department now offers a range of creative services in addition to our technical services. These services range in price depending on difficulty but around $50/hour is a pretty safe bet.  If the work is simple, we will charge less.  We offer a free consultation and estimate before any billable work is done.

  • Custom Artwork – Got a great idea for some art off of Pinterest but don’t know how to make it happen? We love to help create these kind of custom pieces.  We have created some very unique and special pieces by pairing our customer’s good eye with our creativity and know how.
  • Logo Design – We have had the pleasure of creating logos for some of our clients and would love to do so for you. We can make your vision of a corporate identity, an event logo, or a product logo a reality.
  • Graphic Design – We offer general Graphic Design services as part of our creative services. We can create anything from abstract art pieces to book cover and layouts to mailing pieces and anything in between.  
  • Collage –  We have the ability to turn a few or even several of your favorite images into a contemporary collage that you will treasure for years.  Makes a great gift or commemorization for an event, graduation or holiday.